Awards / Nominations
SAG Best Stunt work by a female (Fast and Furious 6)
SAG Best Ensemble (Skyfall)
Australia-Britain Society, Royal Yachting Association, Tall Ships Trust – Youth Sailing Scholarship. Sailed on the STS Young Endeavour on the Great Barrier Reef and the Stavros S Niarchos in the Canary Islands as a ‘Team Leader’

Stunt Work – Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Double, Stunt Utility, Stunt safety

Feature Films

Havoc – Stunt driving double Jessie Mei Li (Police car – Crown Victoria LHD)
The Batman – Car crashing through building, mourners at funeral stunts
Last Letter to your Lover – Stunt double Shanley Woodley – driving Mercedes (Majorca)
Fast and Furious 9 – Multiple vehicles at speed driving along Pall Mall
Rebecca – Stunt double for Lily James driving Bentley 1935, 3.5 litre (Nice)
Angel of Mine – Stunt double for Yvonne Strzechowski driving on & off road, fight scene (Australia)
The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee – Stunt driving police vehicle Ford Crown Victoria (Australia)
Driven Short Film – Stunt double for Marie Everett driving a Chevrolet Camero (UK)
DJ – Stunt double Maja Hirsch car chase sequences – Mercedes (UK) 
London Has Fallen – Stunt car/bike sequence through Bank (UK)
Hackneys Finest – Motorbike camera operator on a Honda CBR 600. Traffic weaving, stunt motorbike action capture (UK)
Now Add Honey  – Stunt double for Lucy Fry driving a Volvo near miss with oncoming car (Australia)
The Gunman – Stunt double for Jasmine Trinca horse riding at a gallop, driving BMW & Alfa Romeo, fight scene, escaping burning building (Spain)
Fast and Furious 6 – Stunt double for Gal Gadot motorbike action (Ducati Monster 1100) transfer to land rover, car rear ended. Close work with tracking vehicles (Spain, Ipswich, UK)
Fast and Furious 6 – Stunt double Michelle Rodriguez precision driving of Jenson Interceptor. Precision background driving throughout film in left hand drive vehicles (Battersea Power Station (UK)
Legend – Bar brawl
Avengers Age of Ultron – Stunt double Elizabeth Olsen
Magic Boys – Doubled actress Nikolett Barabas driving a transit van (UK)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azaban – Precision driving (UK)
War Paint – Stunt coordinator – Fight scene (UK)
Hans Solo: A Star Wars Story – Stunt double Drone robot (UK)
Where Hands Touch Feature Film – Stunt Prisoner of War (Isle of Man)
1921– Stunt double for Nidhi Subbaiah – High fall into box rig (UK)
The Numbers Station – Stunt double for Malin Akerman. Car explosion & falls (UK)
Ginger & Rosa – Stunt protestor riot scene, protestors, crowd, falls and being arrested by police (UK)
Red 2 – Stunt double Mary Louise-Parker running through catacombs (UK)
James Bond – Skyfall Stunts escalator scene (Charing Cross secret tube station) (UK)
The Shadow Line – Precision car driver (UK)
Lewis – WPC, Socco, Search and Rescue (UK)
Silent Witness – WPC (UK)
Closed Circuit – Principal stunt double for Rebecca Hall. Fight, chase scenes, sugar glass hits to the face (UK)
Jab Tak Hai Jaan – (Bollywood) Stunt double for Anushka Sharma. Van near miss, run over (UK)
A Place to Call Home – Stunt double for Martha Dusseldorp. Pulling actor over ship railing (Australia)
The Counselor – Stunt double Giannina Facio kidnapping scene, bundled into a van (UK). Stunt Double Cameron Diaz horse riding double at gallop (Spain) 
Jupiter Ascending – Stunt double for Larissa Kouznetsov explosion (UK)
Far From The Madding Crowd – Stunt double for Carey Mulligan wire & rope work at heights (on top of hay silos) (UK)
Paddington Bear – Stunt double for Nicole Kidman jerk backs, dung heap drop, inverted wire work, falling off moving chair, sliding down roof, horizontal jerk back into skylight (UK)
Atlar – Stunt double for Antonia Clare falling into coal hatch in cellar (UK)
Queen of the Desert – Stunt double for Nicole Kidman galloping horse (UK)
Suffragettes – Playing the part of a stunt prison guard restraining lead actress Carey Mullian whilst stripping her naked (UK)
Alien Covenant – Lead stunt double Katherine Waterson, wire work, weapon work, falls, multiple action scenes (Australia)
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them – Hat lady (uncredited) (UK)
Rogue One – X-wing pilot Zal Dinnes call sign Red Eight (UK)
Phantom Thread – House model / fashion parade / catwalk scene (UK)

Aston Martin Heritage film – Stunt double Eliza Cummings – Launch DBX 
Aston Martin Adrenaline Fueled – Stunt double Arianna Maeve Broderick – Launch DBX (Lithuania, UK)
Ultra Tune commercial – Stunt double for Laura Lydall car flying off jetty into water (Australia)
Barclays Bank – Stunt coordinator – actress walking across pool floats 
Swarovski Valentines Commercial – Stunt double Karlie Kloss riding – Honda 550 1970, Kawasaki Z 1000 & Norton Dominator 1957. Burn outs
Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) – Phantom Car Commercial – Precision driving Subaru rear ended, stopping to a mark, driving with children in the car and a stunt double
Kettles Crisps – Stunt double for Jess Koops riding Bonneville T100 Triumph
PlusNet TV commercial – Rockingham racetrack precision driving Lotus

We Hunt Together 2 – Drowning, breath hold stunt double Tamzin Outhwaite
Theres Something About Movies S4 – Horse riding, horse expert instruction
My Name is Leon – Stunt driving around child on bicycle 
Stay Close – Stunt double driving Rachel Andrews (Fiat 500) at speed in reverse & take off
Britannia – Stunt fire safety – full body burn in prosthetic fat suit
Britannia II & III – Fire safety (full body burn stunt performer wearing prosthetics), spear throwing/fight scene
Killing Eve – Stunt double Jodie Comer police motorbike (BMW), & Stunt double Fiona Shaw driving near miss, wedding scene stunt fight
Ms Fishers Modern Murder Mysteries – Stunt double Geraldine Hakewill – Fishtailing in a dirt car park, stopping to a mark, skidding to a stop driving an Austin Healy 3000 1965
Olivia Newton-John: Hopelessly Devoted to You – Stunt double Delta Goodrem on horse, bareback at a gallop
Lucky Man 3 – Stunt double Neve McIntosh – jerk back explosion, fall action
My Life is Murder – Stunt double Lucy Lawless fall/avoid car
Lucky Man 3 – Stunt delivery van driver knocked over
Anthony – Stunt driving near miss with hero car
Infinite – Stunt double Tanya Reynolds motorbike on/off road
The Feed – Playing an Italian woman stabbing herself & husband in the eye
Poldark 5 – Stunt double Eleanor Tomlinson fire work escape from burning cottage
Alex Rider – Stunt driving double Alana Boden – Maserati Grand Cabrini
The ABC Murders – Screaming woman, being pushed over as actor rushes past
DJ Feature Film – Stunt coordinator – Car chase sequences
Hard Sun TV – Driving double for Agyness Deyn
Emmerdale – Stunt double for Gaynor Faye hit across the face, fall over a table
Coronation Street – Stunt double Sue Nicholls driving – crash simulation
Coronation Street – Stunt double Kym Marsh driving at close quarters.
Manhunt – Stunt double for Katie Lyons. Precision car driving – Ford Escort with actor Martin Cloones in the car during the stunt driving work
Patrick Melrose – Stunt double for Indira Varma in Cadillac
Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway Show – Suzuki precision driving
Holby City Series 19 – Doubled Rosie Marcel riding a Suzuki 1000F GSX-S
House Husbands – Stunt double Delta Goodrem on a Yamaha 500
Dr Foster – Stunt double Suranne Jones. Precision car action on road/off road through a field & dirt tracks, breathe hold & drowning
Cuffs – Stunt double Eleanor Matsuura – Various police car chases & background precision car action. Driving with Bickers quad bike tracking camera
Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Series 2 – Stunt double for Essie Davis precision driving Vauxhall 30-98, OE overhead valve E type,1925
Stunt double for Essie Davis – BSA 1000 motorbike pillion stunt rider
Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Series 2 – Stunt double for Annie Stanford driving Alpha Romeo, 1750ss 6C, Zagato sports racing body,1929. Precision driving with a tracking vehicle
Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Series 2 – Stunt double for Essie Davis rope climbing, high falls, fights
Life of Crime – Stunt double for Hawley Atwell driving double (BMW) in live traffic with principal actor in vehicle
The Shadow Line – Car driver background precision driving 
Sean Micallefs Mad as Hell – Stunt involved riot enactment and sugar glass attack to the back of the head. Instruction given to actors on fights, body control and movement
Winners and Losers – Stunt double for Melanie Vallejo. Carpenter/Sugar ants placed over body. Boot camp action

Music Video
Tinie Tempah – Girls Want – Motorbike riding

Internet Production
W Magazine/video shoot – Stunt coordinator, Driving double, stunt double (SM Citroen 1974) for Cate Blanchett

World Film Premier 
A Good Day to Die Hard – Red Carpet World Movie Premier, Riding Yamaha R6 through Leicester Square on red carpet, London